What Are the Advantages of Resin Flooring?

Advantages of resin flooring

Resin flooring is an effective solution utilised across numerous working environments, including in the domestic, industrial and commercial sectors. Known for its toughness, durability and flexibility, it’s no surprise that so many operators turn to resin flooring to meet their workplace challenges. But what are some of the other key advantages of the product?


Resin Flooring Is Flexible

As well as being strong, another of the advantages of resin flooring is that it is extremely flexible and versatile, and able to cope with high impact and thermal shock. Its compressive strength is greater than concrete and it can increase the weight-bearing limit of other materials. This is a result of the way resin is chemically absorbed by properly primed concrete, forming a consistent layer.


It’s Abrasion-Resistant

Properly applied and treated, one of the great advantages of resin flooring is abrasion resistant and delivers a professional, clean presentation for years into its lifecycle. Its resistance to abrasion also ensures that demarcation applications remain clear and effective.


Resin Flooring Is Low-Maintenance

While there are steps to take to care for your resin flooring, a properly installed coating can meet your requirements for at least 12 to 15 years, even under heavy traffic. In fact, Abacus Flooring Solutions can offer a Life Cycle cost for your investment supported by a manufacturers’ warranty from 3 to 15 years.


It Looks Great!

With a range of colours available, resin flooring can be attractive as well as effective. At Abacus Flooring Solutions, we often deliver solutions that enhance the look and feel of a workspace by matching corporate colours and even adding company logos. A high-quality resin floor can truly bring a space together.


Resin Flooring is Safe

On a more practical level, many operators and business owners choose resin flooring for its safety properties. For example, ESD Anti-Static helps to prevent sparks and explosions, protecting products and guarding team members from electric shocks. Demarcation can also promote safe operation and travel around the working area.


Resin Flooring is Versatile

Resin flooring delivers advantages in a range of scenarios and environments, including for operators in the domestic, industrial and commercial sectors. Abacus Flooring Solutions has delivered resin flooring products for operators across a range of industries and we always relish the challenge of delivering a bespoke solution.


Why Choose Abacus Flooring?

At Abacus Flooring, we have more than 30 years’ experience in the resin flooring sector. This includes installations in a wide range of commercial and industrial environments. Using this experience allows us to ensure we keep on top of new products and technologies to offer completely bespoke solutions to each of our clients.

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