How to Get More Recommendations for Your Business

How to get more recommendations

At Abacus Flooring Solutions, we work hard to promote our business using modern methods such as social media, website SEO and digital advertising, but the art of how to get more recommendations for your business can be tricky to master.

In this blog post, we will explore this area, including word-of-mouth referrals, the power of reviews and the methods you can use to nurture these new business streams, helping to ensure a steady stream of leads on the back of work previously completed.


Word on the Street

If you’re wondering how to get more recommendations, then the best place to start is seeking feedback from customers you’ve delivered work for.

Regardless of the service or product you offer, you should never shy away from this process, even if that particular relationship hasn’t always been plain sailing. Feedback, good or bad, is crucial to helping you grow and improve what you do.

And if the feedback is good, then you should feel no embarrassment or awkwardness in asking that particular customer to recommend you to their peers, should they have a requirement for your service.

If you have delivered a great service, a high quality finished product and the best possible value for money, then it’s likely the customer will have no hesitation in passing your name on, as they’ll be proud to be associated with you.

We are also pro-active in gathering testimonial quotes from our customers. Even a few short sentences discussing their experiences over the course of the relationship can be hugely impactful and help persuade a prospective new customer to give you the work.


No Substitute for Excellence

As we have touched on, if your product is good then the chances are your customers will be happy to recommend you and, ultimately, that is the essence of getting more recommendations.

If your work is good, your reputation will grow organically and your customers will recommend you to their peers without the need for you to give them a nudge.

At Abacus, although we are pro-active in our marketing, we firmly believe that the best possible marketing tool – and the best solution for how to get more recommendations – is delivering to a consistently high level and leaving our customers and partners delighted with the work we have done.

More than anything, keep the faith that by maintaining standards and doing things the right way, you will get the rewards in the long term.


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