Unlike many companies, we don’t just say we care about the environment... we really do mean it!

Introducing Abaplas, our very own groundbreaking alternative to the harmful plastic filler usually used in resin flooring.

Car Showroom Abaplas After
Kg of Plastic Saved From Landfill
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World-First Sustainability

Developed by our very own Nick Megson, Abaplas replaces harmful silica sand with 100% recycled plastic, reducing waste.

Abaplas is a 100% recycled white plastic filler that is totally safe to use and much better for the environment.

Our innovative technology outperforms traditional resin flooring and has been installed all over the UK, including at Wembley Stadium.

Car Showroom Abaplas Before and After
Warehouse Abaplas Before and After
Nick and Amanda Megson at the International Green Apple Environment Awards

Award-Winning Innovation in the UK

Our commitment to sustainability has earned awards, and Abacus Flooring Solutions now handles plastic recycling and sales through Abaplas Materials Limited.

We’re the only company in the world using a filler replacement like Abaplas.

Join the revolution in resin flooring with Abaplas.

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