What Is Floor Demarcation?

Floor demarcation

Keeping your staff safe while on site has always been important, and with health and safety legislation tightening all the time. It’s vital that businesses invest in protecting personnel. But how can floor demarcation help?

Providing a safe working environment is crucial not only for the wellbeing of your staff, but also for the promotion of efficiency and productivity.

Naturally, flooring plays a key role in the equation and floor demarcation can help you solve it.

What Is Floor Demarcation?

Floor demarcation provides vital, visual guidance to on-site personnel that helps them identify the safe areas in which to work and move around.

Demarcation can provide walkways guiding the way in and out of a particular area without the risk of putting members of staff at risk.

Plotted boundaries help to visibly communicate to personnel where they can and can’t be at any given time.

Installers use markings to indicate storage areas, parking bays and keep clear zones.

Colours are utilised strategically to draw attention in the right way, while corporate colours can also be introduced to deliver a safe area that’s also ‘on brand’.

Does My Business Need Floor Demarcation?

Practically any business operating in the manufacturing, transport or engineering sector could benefit from floor demarcation.

Wherever there is a risk of injury, floor demarcation can offer protection by keeping vehicles and pedestrians apart or by enforcing a safe zone around potentially dangerous equipment.

It can also assist with signposting personnel toward fire exits and marking assembly points in cases of emergency.

An effective floor demarcation application can also promote efficiency by cutting down on collisions and helping to organise and mobilise teams.

Many businesses operate in sectors where clear floor demarcation is required by law. Abacus Flooring Solutions can help you meet these requirements.

How Does the Application Process Work?

We recently completed a demarcation application for Dean Transport, a haulage company based in Goole, Yorkshire.

Here’s what we did:

  • Surveyed the garage and listened to their exact requirements and delivered them at a budget
  • Mechanically prepared the painted concrete to clean the concrete and leave a profile for the resin to adhere
  • Applied two coats of solvent free, coloured, high build coating in their selected colours. This included the Pit Floor in a slip resistant coating.Installed the coloured safety hatching to the perimeter of the pit, to include coloured guidelines, all in solvent free epoxy coatings.

The total works were carried out over one weekend visit, keeping disruption was kept to a minimum.

We also supplied a slip resistant floor decal showcasing the company’s brand.

Click here to read more about this project.

With more than 30 years’ experience working in the industry, Abacus Flooring Solutions is equipped to deliver an effective floor demarcation solution for your business.

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