We’re Now a FeRFA Accredited Resin Flooring Installer

accredited resin flooring installer

We’re proud to announce that Abacus Flooring Solutions is now a FeRFA accredited resin flooring installer.

We’re extremely pleased to be a part of this respected organisation, which represents the major product manufacturers, specialist contractors, raw material suppliers and specialist service providers within the UK industrial and commercial resin flooring, screeding and surface preparation sectors.

The organisation has been established more than 50 years, representing the interests of its members, providing guidance and bringing together the very best operators in the industry, under a banner that represents consistent quality and service for the customer.



Why We Became a FeRFA Accredited Resin Flooring Installer

Establishing and maintaining high standards is a major part of the DNA of Abacus Flooring Solutions, and we are proud that so many of our client partners are repeat customers who come back to us time and time again for multiple projects.

FeRFA’s own infrastructure is built around promoting best practice and driving standards, while it is also committed to innovation and sustainability.

All of these aspects of the organisation made it a perfect fit for Abacus, and becoming an accredited resin flooring installer under the authority of FeRFA represents an exciting next step in our business’s short but progressive history.



Renewing Old Ties

Although Abacus Flooring Solutions is a relatively new company, founder Nick Megson has worked for several decades in the sector and has in fact worked very closely with FeRFA throughout his career.

Nick joined the Industrial resin flooring industry in 1989, working for resin manufacturers and resin flooring contractors and gaining a great knowledge in both parts of the industry.

He was later invited to sit on the FeRFA Council, and he worked tirelessly to promote sustainability and the diversion of trade waste from being sent to landfill.

During this period, Nick gave many talks to the industry, including at sales conferences and AGMs.

He won the industry’s first environmental award in 2005 and went on to receive no fewer than ten further awards, with three of those being bestowed at the Houses of Parliament.

16 years on, and we are delighted to be re-establishing those links with such a fantastic organisation.

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