Eco-Friendly Manufacturing – How Your Business Can Make a Difference.

At Abacus Flooring Solutions, we take our responsibility as an environmentally-conscious manufacturer very seriously, as evidenced by our recent nomination for a Chamber of Commerce Award in an eco-friendly manufacturing category.

Our development of a reduced-impact screed has helped us substantially reduce waste to landfill by reusing old plastics, such as from old toilet seats and furniture.

But what does eco-friendly manufacturing mean on a broader level, and what steps can businesses take to reduce their own impact on the environment?

The manufacturing industry represents a large portion of the world’s economy, with many new products created daily, and, by virtue of that reality, its impact on the globe is substantial – and has been for several centuries.

But there are measures you can enforce to reduce your manufacturing business’s carbon footprint and make it more eco-friendly.


Conduct Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Audits

Most manufacturing businesses use substantial amounts of electrical energy to fuel their operations and produce goods.

It is, however, important to take steps to reduce the amount of energy we use, in order to be more eco-friendly and to save our planet.

Energy audits are used to monitor the amount of energy you are using from each zone of the workplace and for specific pieces of equipment so that you can collate this information into an action plan for becoming more energy efficient.

The audit can be done by you personally or by a third-party energy auditor. They will be able to highlight changes that need to be made in order to become more energy efficient and will show you how to implement these.

This could include things such as changing your light bulbs to energy-saving bulbs, installing programmable thermostats to reduce the amount of energy you’re using or even suggesting you make a member of your workforce into a green ambassador to lead on eco-friendly manufacturing matters.


Recycle and Re-Use Your Waste

It’s a given that some waste, such as hazardous chemicals can’t be reused. However, there are many ways in which you can deal with your business’s waste in a more responsible manner.

Cardboard and paper can both be recycled or even re-used to make packaging for your own goods. Unwanted glass can also be recycled. These may just seem like smaller items of waste, but ensuring you recycle these items will not only save your business money but will significantly reduce the amount of waste your business is sending to landfill.

You may consider investing in a recycling machine if you have a large company that creates masses of waste. They can be pretty costly, but they’ll significantly reduce the amount of waste your company produces. This investment can add to your business’s corporate social responsibility and can actually be a deciding factor for more eco-conscious customers who are considering shopping with you – as we know it is for many of our customers.

Waste can also be sent to external business owners. For instance, sawdust from spare wood can be sent to farms to be used as animal bedding and faulty products can be sold to parts companies to be reused, rather than being sent away with the rubbish. It’s all part of the eco-friendly manufacturing jigsaw.


Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Support

At Abacus Flooring Solutions, we are closely attuned to the eco-friendly manufacturing challenges – particularly as we operated in the sector ourselves!

If you are looking for a new resin flooring installation and seek to minimise your environmental impact, then we can provide a solution that is zero to landfill.

We have more than 30 years’ experience in the industrial resin flooring installation industry, including installations in a wide range of commercial and industrial environments.

Using this experience allows us to ensure we keep on top of new products and technologies to offer completely bespoke solutions to each of our clients.

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