Is Resin Flooring Right for Me and My Industry?

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We understand that our customers and the wider general public have different levels of understanding where our services are concerned, and it’s perfectly fair for you to ask yourself – is resin flooring right for me?

In this blog post, we hope to unravel a little bit of the mystery, develop your knowledge, and give you a better understanding of the different ways that businesses can benefit from a new resin flooring installation, and how its features can deliver clear advantages in the short to long term.


The Professional Edge

A key feature of any Abacus Flooring Solutions installation is each one’s customisability, meaning you can add everything from your company’s corporate colours through to its logos and wordmark.

This kind of installation can help create the ‘wow’ factor, both for visiting clients and prospective customers, as well as for your existing team members, who will quickly develop a visual affinity for you as their employer.

So, if you’re wondering ‘is resin flooring right for me?’ and brand is a big consideration for you, then the answer is quite simple.


Safety First

In a previous blog post, we discussed the growing importance of workplace safety, while examining the latest data, which shows that a worrying percentage of manual workers don’t feel safe while on-site.

A new resin flooring installation from Abacus Flooring Solutions boasts features such as anti-static, anti-slip and demarcation, helping to minimise the potential for accidents throughout the working day and ensuring disruptions are all but eliminated.

It can also make your workers feel more confident and safe, so, if you’re wondering ‘Is resin flooring right for me and my team?’, then once again the conclusion is an obvious one.


Efficiency Boosted

For many operators, the prospect of a new resin flooring installation can be daunting, with minds quick to imagine long delays and disruptions caused by the process of the system being put in place.

But if you enlist the services of Abacus Flooring Solutions, then that perception couldn’t be further from the truth. That’s because we pay special attention to ensuring our working patterns suit your business’s schedule, keeping disruption to an absolute minimum.

And then, once the installation is complete, you will quickly discover that the quality of the finish and our in-built safety features are natural efficiency boosters. We draw great satisfaction from seeing our customers thrive following the completion of our work.


Still Not Convinced?

You may still be asking yourself – ‘is resin flooring right for me?’ – and we get that.

A simple blog post like this one may not be enough to completely convince you.

That’s why we offer free, friendly consultations, including a site visit, to help you understand directly how our work can benefit your business.

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