How a New Resin Flooring Installation Can Make Your Workplace Safer

new resin flooring installation

Keeping your staff safe while in the workplace is more important than ever. How can a new resin flooring installation contribute to delivering against that objective?

In this article, we will explore how technology like anti-slip flooring and safety demarcation can safeguard against accidents, protecting the health of your workers, while also minimising disruption and delays caused by workplace accidents.


Do People Feel Safe at Work?

A new study, conducted by A-SAFE, reports that over a third of manual workers believe their employer is putting profits over people, with close to one in ten fearing for their safety every day at work.

2,019 manual and semi-skilled workers, such as machine operators, fitters and drivers, were questioned. Among the key findings:

  • 37% believe that profits are put before people in terms of ensuring the right health and safety measures are in place where they work.
  • 33% say the focus on creating Covid-secure environments has led to the neglect of other health and safety measures.
  • 24% do not think their employer is dedicated to keeping them safe and they do not trust them to protect workers.

Taken together, this leads to one in ten (9%) of those surveyed saying they go to work not feeling safe in general.


How Can a New Resin Flooring Installation Help?

A new resin flooring installation offers several practical advantages that help protect your team from harm while they are in the workplace.

For example, an anti-slip flooring installation provides a versatile and effective solution to a range of commercial and industrial requirements.

One of the most common utilisations is in factories to provide safe walkways that aren’t slippery when used by your team members or any visitors, guarding against workplace accidents that can disrupt production and cost the business money.

The walkways can cover any area of your facility, including the route between the staff or visitor car park and the reception, where forklifts are used or anywhere else they’re needed.

Meanwhile, anti-static flooring will help to prevent an electrostatic discharge and spark, such as through the movement, contact or separation of equipment, machinery, materials and personnel, making it an indispensable option in environments where static electricity generation is possible.

Lastly, floor demarcation provides vital, visual guidance to on-site personnel that helps them identify the safe areas in which to work and move around.

Demarcation can provide walkways guiding the way in and out of a particular area without the risk of putting members of staff at risk.

Plotted boundaries help to visibly communicate to personnel where they can and can’t be at any given time.

These are just three examples of how a new resin flooring installation can make your workplace safer – and there are many more.


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