How Garage Resin Flooring Can Unlock the Potential of Unused Space

garage resin flooring

There’s no shame in it. Millions of UK homeowners have garages that are filled with junk, whether it’s old furniture, unused gym equipment, rusty tools or just household rubbish you haven’t got round to taking the tip yet – so how can garage resin flooring solve the issue?

Alongside our bulging portfolio of commercial projects, we take great pride in the work we deliver domestically, whether that’s in the home, in an outdoor area or in the garage.

Here’s how a new resin floor in your garage can help you claim new space.

Clear the Mess

OK, here’s the bad news – there are no shortcuts and phase one involves a bit of tidying up.

Fortunately, it’s relatively inexpensive these days to hire a skip, while the tips are gradually getting back to normal following enforced covid closures. Other products, like Hippo Bags, also offer an effective solution.

So, get a few family members together and spend a few hours clearing the space. You’ll be amazed by how big the area is once everything has been moved.

Create the Right Environment

Once your space is clear, you’ll probably notice that the main surfaces are not the cosiest.

The tarmac or concrete floor in place will struggle to set the foundations for a welcoming atmosphere, which is why garage resin flooring is a fantastic solution.

We can provide a resin flooring product that instantly transforms the space, in the exact colour you’d like, and often using recycled materials.

The final product is strong, safe and attractive.

We can deliver a surface that is hard-wearing enough for gym equipment and vehicles, and durable enough to offer an incredible return on your investment for years to come.

To complement your new resin floor installation, we recommend exploring solutions for the garage walls and ceiling. You may even choose to remove the traditional door and install a new one.

Our garage resin flooring service can be delivered to complement any format or look.

Why Choose Abacus Flooring Solutions for Your Garage Resin Flooring?

Whether it’s a domestic installation, a small business, or large-scale commercial and industrial environments, Abacus Flooring Solutions is equipped with the experience and expertise to offer the right service.

Our many customer reviews and testimonials are a reflection of our commitment to high standards and we’re extremely proud of the lasting relationships we enjoy with our customers.

We welcome any and are happy to provide a resin flooring quote.

As a proud FeRFA member with more than 30 years in the industry, we are able to use our vast experience to help make sure you receive the system you need.

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