Resin Flooring Preparation – Why It’s So Important

Resin flooring preparation

We’re fortunate to work across a variety of industries and environments in our line of work, and each project has its own bespoke requirements, which often require a little consultation, planning and even a little pragmatic thinking, but there is one commonality across our work, and that’s resin flooring preparation.

Preparation is absolutely key in everything that we do, and it’s one of the key factors in the establishment of our reputation as a leader in our field – by the time the work starts, we’re already completely ready for the task ahead, including the many variables often experienced along the way.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the steps we take to ensure that the best possible service is delivered every single time.


It Starts With a Conversation

Resin flooring preparation doesn’t start with materials, or schedules or even site visits – it starts with a conversation.

At Abacus Flooring Solutions, we love building real relationships with people and feel proud to be able to class many of our customers as friends, and that all begins with an informal chat, where we learn about you, your business and what you’re looking to achieve.

We’ll strive to understand the challenges you’re currently facing, the expenses you’re incurring and the methods you’ve utilised to date to mitigate against these factors.

We’ll also discuss with you the opportunities that a new resin flooring installation could present, included increased levels of workplace safety, a cleaner and more modern look, and overall improved efficiency and productivity.

We want to learn about your business and use the knowledge we build to inform the planning of our product, which often includes putting slots in place to complete the work at a time that best suits your operations and minimises disruption.


Site Visit and Investigation

Following our initial conversations, we often like to get on the road and visit you in person for a site visit.

Whilst we can gain a lot of insight from chatting to you, we can get a much more direct perspective by seeing your environment in the flesh and getting a complete understanding of what the job will entail.

The site visits allow us to understand what installations and systems are already in place, what the issues are, and what materials and methods will be required to take the next positive steps forward.

We also generally take this opportunity to provide a clearer indication on costs and timescales, and can even to begin to plan in the work on a schedule to suit you. Getting on site is certainly a key aspect of resin flooring preparation.


Getting to Work

Before we begin the process of building your new resin flooring system, we will provide you with a full breakdown of lifecycle costs for your resin flooring installation, ensuring financial peace of mind.

Once all parties are satisfied with the steps laid out ahead, we use the latest eco-friendly materials, including recycled elements where possible, alongside the newest and most innovative tools and techniques, to deliver a resin flooring installation of the highest quality.

We have more than 30 years’ experience in the industrial resin flooring installation industry, including installations in a wide range of commercial and industrial environments.

Using this experience allows us to ensure we keep on top of new products and technologies to offer completely bespoke solutions to each of our clients.


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