Refurbish or Relocate – The Best Choice for Business

Refurbish or relocate

As the UK and its business community gradually emerges from the chaos of the coronavirus pandemic, many managing directors and decision-makers are weighing up their options for their premises – refurbish or relocate.

Naturally, over time, working environments across a range of sectors can begin to show signs of wear and tear, to the extent that important decisions have to be made about the future of the business.

Specifically, the business owners must consider whether their best option is to refurbish their existing premises, or to up sticks completely, either to somewhere new and purpose-built, or to an existing development.


Refurbish or Relocate – Cost Effectiveness

Naturally, cost will be a key driver in the decision-making process and there are arguments in favour of each of the two options.

Where cost is the biggest consideration, refurbishment generally emerges as the leading preference, as relocation brings with it several fees associated with the process and the inevitable additional investment required at the other side, not to mention the heavy admin necessitated by taking this kind of step.

At Abacus Flooring Solutions, we’re equipped to work intrinsically as part of a broader refurbishment project, offering expertise and advice, and, where required, collaborating with your other refurbishment partners working on other areas to ensure the process is as smooth as possible.

We can provide full vision of costs for the completion of a refurbishment or new resin flooring installation, including all associated life cycle costs, so you have an accurate picture of the investment required, both in the short and long-term.


Refurbish or Relocate – Team Disruption

Another consideration when weighing up the best route forward in the refurbish or relocate debate is the disruption that a move could cause to your team members.

If you are just moving across town, then it’s likely that the disruption to your team will be minimal, although you should consider the implications in terms of parking spaces and public transport links, and seek to understand the impact that changes may have.

If you are moving somewhere completely new, many miles from where you are now, then you should consider the impact this may have on your team, and perhaps even consider the personnel you could potentially lose by upping sticks.

This reason alone shouldn’t deter you from moving, but it should form part of your planning.


Help You Get the Most Out of Your Space

Whether you’re refurbishing or relocating, Abacus Flooring Solutions is equipped to deliver a resin flooring system that can underpin improvements in efficiency, accelerate production processes and support longer-term growth.

With decades of experience in the sector under our belts, you can count on our experience.

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