Our Latest Flurry of Resin Flooring Projects

resin flooring projects

At Abacus Flooring Solutions, we’re fortunate to have a strong order book and spend much of our team either on the job or on the road to meet clients, and in this blog post we will share an insight into some recent resin flooring projects completed.


Chemical Resistant Flooring

One of our major recent resin flooring projects completed for a firm in Chesterfield involved the completion of the work over three phases.

We were tasked with providing chemical resistance flooring, which required a multi-stage approach in order to allow the concrete to be poured and cured.

We have since installed close to 10,000kg of polyurethane screen, while also treating the plinths and walls with a coloured coating that includes reflective tops to the walls.



Decorative Flake System

One of our recent residential resin flooring projects involved some significant mechanical preparation work in order to address an uneven floor in a garage.

The surface was made up of many slabs, so we used our own materials, which are made using 100% recycled plastic, in order to ultimately create an attractive decorative flake system.

Our decorative flake system boasts many features and advantages, including being easy to clean and enhancing the overall aesthetics of the broader environment.


Food for Thought

Back in the commercial sector, another of our recent resin flooring projects took us to Country Durham, where a food factory struggled with limited slip resistance.

The surface was also proving challenging to clean, so we offered a solution that relieved them of these particular issues.

We delivered a mechanical preparation of the surface as well as the application of a new slip resistant coating, all within a single weekend, while our fast-curing, solvent-free coating also helped us to complete the project quickly and efficiently.


Let Us Help You

We love sinking our teeth into new resin flooring projects, and relish the opportunity to identify and delivery solutions that solve a range of challenges.

Abacus Flooring Solutions boasts more than 30 years’ experience in the resin flooring sector, and a proven track record of excellent service and quality.

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