How Do You Repair Existing Resin Flooring Installations?

repair existing resin flooring

The nature of our work at Abacus Flooring Solutions often necessitates the installation of brand-new resin flooring systems, but we’re also quite regularly appointed to repair existing resin flooring work.

These kinds of projects can be just as challenging, if not even more so, particularly where there are often several unknowns associated with the materials and techniques used.

Understanding the issues with the existing installation forms a huge part of ultimately being able to solve them using our own methods, and sets us on the way to delivering a high-quality installation that will serve the customer for years to come.


Repair of Existing Resin Flooring for Foxtail Detail

We recently undertook a project of this nature for Foxtail Detail, which required us to repair existing resin flooring.

Foxtail Detail is an award-winning mobile valeting and detailing company that prides itself on helping its customers inject new life into their vehicles.

Boasting more than 20 years of experience, Foxtail’s expert team puts pride and passion into every vehicle they work in, from basic valeting to full ceramic detailing, ensuring that every project is completed to the same levels of attention and detail.

It’s always a pleasure to work with organisations like Foxtail, who share our philosophies and offer similar levels of dedication and excellence.


A Comprehensive Approach

Foxtail enlisted our expertise to address issues they’d been experiencing with their current floor and we quickly identified some serious underlying problems with the design.

It was apparent that several new layers had been applied to attempt to solve the issues, but these were little more than short-term solutions.

Our approach was different and designed to deliver a solution that would serve the business in the long term and give them true peace of mind.

Our first step was to remove around six layers of flooring to expose the concrete beneath.

This was an important first stage in the process as it effectively enabled us to properly put our name to the work, rather than run the risk of relying on the quality of existing materials.

We then increased the specification by installing Sika Epocem 81 at a nominal 2mm thickness.

This screed will help to hold back any moisture permeating through the concrete, preventing issues further down the line.


Completing the Job

The next phase in the repair of the existing resin flooring involved the application of coloured, slip resistant coating.

This delivers two natural benefits – levelling up the safety specifications of the installation, and adding a professional, polished look to the surface.

The end result was a solution that remedied the lingering issues the business was contending with, delivered as part of a safe and practical installation that enhances the overall environment.

Foxtail – or any Abacus customer – can always rest assured that we have completed our works using the correct materials.

We’re grateful to Foxtail for the opportunity to support them on this project.


We Can Repair Existing Resin Flooring for You

Abacus Flooring Solutions boasts more than 30 years of experience in the resin flooring sector, including work to repair existing resin flooring or delivering new installations.

Whatever your challenge and whatever your industry, we have the expertise and experience, and commitment to service and quality, to ensure that your requirements are met and often exceeded.

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