Fast-Cure Epoxy Resin Flooring – The Benefits

Fast-cure epoxy resin flooring

Fast-cure epoxy resin flooring is solvent free and offers many practical advantages to firms operating across a range of sectors.

In this article, Abacus Flooring Solutions founder Nick Megson provides an introduction to the product and the benefits it can deliver.


What Are the Advantages of Fast-Cure Epoxy Resin Flooring?

“There are so many practical advantages of fast-cure epoxy resin flooring that apply both to the way we work and for the customers we serve.

“For example, many of the projects we work on require a tight turnaround over a couple of days, and often we have to make considerations around the temperature.

“For one recent job, the temperature in the workplace was about 7c and if it dropped any lower then it would make life a little more difficult.

“Ordinarily, it would take a day to prep and coat, another day to cure, another day after that for the next coat, another day to cure, and then another for us to get back on it.

“Epoxy resins don’t like temperatures below 10c, but by using a fast-cure material we can solve this issue and get moving much more quickly.

“It looks the same, smells the same – everything’s the same – it’s just the hardener which is changed to make it fast-cure, so for everything from October to April we use fast cure.”


Is Fast-Cure Epoxy Resign Right for My Business?

“All types of companies and industries can benefit from fast-cure epoxy resin flooring.

“As a practical example, if we finished a job at 4pm on a Sunday then they’d be able to get back on the floor by 6am the next morning.

“This is naturally a big boost for busy firms that can’t afford downtime or disruption, and we take great pride in being able to deliver a service that lets them get back to it so quickly.

“Additionally, heating being switched off at the weekends, which is common, could present temperature problems, but with fast-cure, this isn’t an issue.

“It would also allow us to begin the epoxy resin flooring installation on a Monday morning and let them be back on it by lunchtime. It’s a huge advantage.”


Can Abacus Flooring Solutions Deliver This for My Business?

“Absolutely we can. We offer fast-cure epoxy resin flooring as standard from October to April.

“We completely understand the pressures and deadlines that businesses face and using fast-cure helps us to deliver the most efficient service possible.

“We have more than 30 years’ experience in the industrial resin flooring industry, including installations in a wide range of commercial and industrial environments.

“Using this experience allows us to ensure we keep on top of new products and technologies to offer completely bespoke solutions to each of our clients.”

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