Abacus Delivers Resin Flooring for Storage Firm

resin flooring for storage firm

Abacus Flooring Solutions has completed another fantastic project, delivering an excellent and bespoke level of resin flooring for a storage firm in Grantham.

It is the latest in a long line of recent projects, which have taken the Abacus team across the UK, and into several different industries, each with their own unique considerations and requirements.

In this blog post, we will reflect on the work completed for Raxel Storage Systems.


About Raxel Storage Systems

Raxel Storage Systems has a long-standing association with the storage and materials handling industry, spanning more than 30 years, and has established an enviable reputation for customer satisfaction. 

Raxel’s proven methods have enabled the business to retain long-term relationships, ensuring repeat business from small regional companies through to major blue chip organisations throughout the UK, and involving many industrial and commercial sectors – such as third party distribution, logistics, manufacturing, retail, food and drink sectors.

The business’s long-standing heritage in the industry, and their reputation for quality and service, made them a perfect fit for a partnership, and it’s clear to see how their values and philosophies align with those of Abacus.

But what was the purpose of this project delivering resin flooring for a storage firm?


The Service Provided

As we have reflected in previous blog posts, a new resin flooring installation not only delivers huge safety and productivity benefits, it can also help to enhance the look and feel, and overall aesthetic of an industrial environment.

And delivering a bespoke visual solution was very much a priority for Raxel, who selected the exact RAL colour required to match their existing corporate brand.

Abacus is able to utilise the full range of available RAL colours, meaning there’s no compromise required in any sort of project concerning resin flooring for a storage firm, or indeed any operator in any industry.

We also utilised the latest technology, including eco-friendly materials where possible, in order to deliver an installation of the very highest standard.

The new space massively enhances the overall environment for Raxel, delivering benefits in terms of productivity, safety and overall staff perception.

We feel privileged to count Raxel Storage Systems as a valued customer, and look forward to maintaining a positive relationship for years to come.


Put Us to The Test

Whether it’s the delivery of resin flooring to a storage firm, or work across any commercial, industrial or domestic environment, Abacus Flooring Solutions is uniquely placed to deliver the best possible service, utilising the highest quality materials and going the extra mile to deliver beyond expectations.

With more than 30 years of experience working in the sector and a first-class reputation with our customers, we’re confident we can design and implement the perfect resin flooring solution for you.

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