Safety and Durability Benefits of Anti-Slip Flooring Installation

anti-slip flooring installation

An anti-slip flooring installation provides a versatile and effective solution to a range of commercial and industrial requirements.

It’s the same system that’s used in car park ramps and it has many applications that provide practical solutions for all kinds of businesses and industries.

One of the most common utilisations is in factories to provide safe walkways that aren’t slippery when used by your team members or any visitors, guarding against workplace accidents that can disrupt production and cost the business money.

The walkways can cover any area of your facility, including the route between the staff or visitor car park and the reception, where forklifts are used or anywhere else they’re needed.

How Long Does Anti-slip Flooring Installation Take?

The great thing about the system that Abacus Flooring Solutions uses is that it’s a one-hit application.

The anti-slip flooring installation is coloured, with the aggregate, so it’s all done in one go.

We just trowel it down in an efficient manner, keeping disruption to a minimum and delivering an effective system for your facility quickly.

For example, if we arrived at your factory on a Sunday, we could get the system down and it would be all ready to go by Monday.

There are some perceptions of the resin flooring sector, some of them justified, that the work takes a long time, that it will cause disruption and slow down production.

Some companies will put a base layer down, cover it with the anti-slip aggregate then the next day they’d sweep it off and put a seal coat on.

But while that may be the case for others, it’s not the Abacus way. We are professional, courteous and efficient, and using anti-slip flooring installation systems like this are a big part of it.

Will This Work for My Business?

We have worked for many businesses in all industries to ensure that the project they plan is delivered – from site visit to receiving the customer care package – and ensuring they get the best out of their investment.

If you require any resin flooring solution, from anti-slip flooring or simple clear concrete seal right through to a 9mm thick polyurethane screed, our service is the same.

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